Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer

Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer


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Setup Area: Trailer is 24 ft long Truck and Trailer we recommend 50 feet long

Actual Size: You will walk into the trailer to throw. This is completely enclosed.

Attendants: We will bring 2 staff members to coach and help the throwers. As well as make sure everything runs smoothly.

Outlets: Generator is included. We can also plug into a regular electrical outlet.

Age Group: 10 years old and older. Tweens, Teens, and Adults love axe throwing.


Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer

Discover the ultimate in mobile entertainment with our axe throwing trailer rentals. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, birthday bash, or team-building retreat, our portable setups bring the thrill of axe throwing right to your doorstep. Delight guests with an unforgettable experience, complete with expert guidance and safety measures. Perfect for any occasion, our trailers offer flexibility and excitement, ensuring a memorable time for all. Reserve your mobile axe throwing adventure today and elevate your event to new heights!

Axe Throwing is a sport in which the competitor throws an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bulls eye as near as possible and has a great time!

At BattleGR, we take safety very serious. We are the BEST, safe axe throwing in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Our lanes have 15-foot dividers to keep you safe from throwers in the neighboring lanes. If there are no dividers or inferior dividers, you are not safe, period.

Our lanes have patent pending, no bounce back borders to provide the highest level of safety in axe throwing. How does a no bounce back border help protect you? These borders absorb the impact and allows the axe to fall straight to the ground; instead of bouncing off the wood.

Additionally, we use the end grain of the wood. How does end grain wood keep you safer? The end grain wood helps ensure the axe sticks to the target. We do not go to a big box store, buy 2 x 10 wood, and paint the target on it. You will find our targets are easier to get the axe to stick. Which makes the games more enjoyable for different arm strengths. The varying games and challenge levels make each visit customized and unique.

Contact us for a custom quote on longer events or community events. Call 616.345.0698x4 

We have a 2 hour minimum. 

We also have Axe Throwing at our Indoor Location. 

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